Let’s get more people screened and protected.

Screening can detect cancer at an early stage. This toolkit will help you to support and encourage more people to get screened and get early treatment if required.

Areas we support


Together we can help more people access screening for the most common type of cancer in the UK.


Early symptoms of bowel cancer are hard to spot. Home screening can detect if something is present in the test that may require further investigation, helping people to detect bowel cancer early and get early treatment.


Cervical screening saves lives. Screening can detect changes in cells before they turn into cancer.

Cheshire & Merseyside Statistics

There are 2.5 million people living in Cheshire and Merseyside
  • 7,000

    cancer deaths in Cheshire and Merseyside every year. 290 people in every 100,000.

  • 16,000

    people in Cheshire and Merseyside are diagnosed with cancer every year which is higher than the England average.

  • 62.3%

    of the Cheshire and Merseyside population, age 70-74 years, completed and returned a bowel screening kit during 2020.

  • 250,000

    women aged 50-70 have attended breast screening appointments in the past three years – that’s 70.5% of the eligible population.

  • 108,000

    women aged 25-39 screened attended a cervical screening appointment in the past five and half years in Cheshire and Merseyside – that’s 75% of the eligible population.

Why is cancer screening important?

Catching cancer early saves lives. If we can detect it and start treatment early, it’s more likely to work – and more people will survive. Screening is always a choice, and any aspect of the screening process can be discussed with a health professional to enable an informed decision to be made.

Breast screening invitations

Invitations are sent every three years to women, some transgender men and some non-binary people aged 50-71 (does not apply to 71+) who are registered with a GP.

Bowel screening kits

All people aged 60-74 (now including 56 and 58-year-olds as of April 2021) registered with a GP are sent a home screening kit every two years. If 75 years and over you can request a kit every two years by phoning 0800 707 60 60.

Cervical screening invitations

Invitations are sent to women, some transgender men and some non-binary people who are registered with a GP. Every three years for 25–49-year-olds and every five years for 50–64-year-olds.